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Team Georgia at St. Louis University 10 November 2001
SLU (2-0, 0-0) reached the century mark for the second straight preseason game, running with Team Georgia to a 103-93 victory in the Savvis Center. The scoring difference was at the free-throw line. Eleven players scored for the Billikens.

SLU freshman guard Randy Pulley (1) scored 8 points and assisted on 5 plays during 22 minutes of action. Pulley was 6-10 at the charity line.

Billikens junior guard Marque Perry (5) led the team with 17 points to go with his 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

Junior forward Kenny Brown (41) scored 7 points and muscled his way to 5 rebounds.

Billikens sophomore Jason Edwin (44) shared a team-high 17 points during 16 minutes of play.

Junior guard Josh Fisher (4) scored 10 points, collected 3 rebounds, and contributed 7 assists.

Sophomore guard Chris Sloan (33) scored 11 points and collected 8 rebounds.

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