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Athletes in Action at St. Louis University 3 November 2003
SLU (0-0) began their 2003-2004 preseason with a 68-58 victory over Athletes in Action (2-1) at Savvis Center (observed attendance, small crowd). The Billikens trailed 30-29 at the half but were able to get some momentum behind the second-half play of sophomore guard Anthony Drejaj (20). Drejaj, who only saw the court during the second half, scored 14 points (two 3-pointers and 8-8 from the charity line). Other Billikens contributed as follows: junior forward Izik Ohanon (10 pts), senior forward Chris Sloan (13 pts, 14 rebounds), senior guard Josh Fisher (9 pts, 5 assists), and junior guard Reggie Bryant (12 pts, 6 turnovers). Some may want to compare Bryant to Marque Perry, but it is early in the season. AIA was led by Shawn Redhage (14 pts), Donte Quinine (12 pts), Joe Crispin (12 pts) and former Creighton guard Ryan Sears (9 pts). SLU bettered the AIA on the boards 38-26.

SLU senior forward Chris Sloan (33) scored 13 points, collected 14 rebounds, and had 3 steals in 33 minutes of play.

Billikens junior guard Reggie Bryant (21), who will sit out the first three games of the regular season, contributed 12 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and committed 6 turnovers. Does anyone think that the photo above shares any likeness to former Billiken guard Marque Perry? Stay tuned.

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