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University of Arizona at St. Louis University 6 December 2003
SLU (3-2) lost a 68-67 heartbreaker to the #7 University of Arizona (2-1) at the Savvis Center (reported attendance, 10,537, with many vacant seats). The Billikens appeared to frustrate the Wildcats during the first half while building a 38-30 lead over the visitors led by junior guard Reggie Bryant (11 pts), sophomore guard Anthony Drejaj (12 pts), and senior guard Josh Fisher (7 pts). Notably missing from the mix were junior center Tom Frericks and senior forward Chris Sloan, who seemed intimidated and out-paced by the quickness of the Wildcats. The game came down to the final seconds as Bryant launched a successful basket but had his foot on the 3-pt line. The Billikens were led by Bryant (24 pts), Dreja (12 pts), Fisher (12 pts), and Sloan (11 pts). Arizona beat SLU on the boards (41-33), but were fairly even with turnovers (12-10), and steals (3-5). SLU shot 43% from the field (36% from 3-pt range) and 63% from the charity line. Although SLU kept the game close and were able to battle back in the second half, they will need better and more consistent play from their big men. Arizona was led by junior guard Salim Stoudamire (19 pts), sophomore forward Andre Iguodala (16 pts, 13 rebounds), and sophomore guard Hassan Adams (14 pts). The Wildcats shot 39% from the field (40% from 3-pt range) and 77% from the charity line. Arizona shot 20 free-throws in the second half as compared with 4 shot by SLU.

A frustrated Arizona coaching staff patiently waiting for a break (Lute Olson, Jim Rosborough, Josh Pastner, and Rodney Tention).

Billikens junior guard Reggie Bryant (21) scored a game-high 24 points and collected 4 rebound and 4 assists.

Billikens sophomore guard Anthony Drejaj (20) scored 12 points and collected 5 rebound, 4 assists, and 2 steals.

Billikens senior guard Josh Fisher (4), who scored 12 points to go with 5 rebounds and 3 assists, matched up against Wildcats sophomore forward Andre Iguodala (24) who scored 16 points and collected 13 rebounds and 5 assists.

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