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KMOX: The Voice of the Cardinals 10 January 2002

During my short drive to work in the a.m., I usually have the radio on to provide background noise against the beginning of a new day.

This morning, more often than not, I tuned to KMOX AM 1120. I do this not because I particularly enjoy the programming, but because it is the lesser of multiple evils.

On this rather warm winter day in Southern Illinois, I caught a few minutes of KMOX's "The Morning Meeting" with radio personalities Charlie Brennan and McGraw Milhaven.

They were speaking about an article, "Officials would get luxury suite at new ballpark," written by Mark Schlinkmann and Terry Ganey, that appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday 10 January 2002.

I found the particular 5 minute slice of the discussion somewhat interesting because it represented what one might characterize as the local dissing among media outlets.

Here's what I garnered from the conversation between Brennan, Milhaven and a third person who affiliation lies somewhere within the city limits and certainly close to Mayor Slay. These are the talking points that stood out from my perspective:

But what was particularly remarkable about the conversation was the emergency exit door that KMOX employees, Brennan and Milhaven, provided the Mayor and the St. Louis Cardinals. Again, the talking points that stood out were the following:

Now I thought to myself, "Wow, what a great strategy."

KMOX: the voice of the Cardinals!

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