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KMOX: The Voice of the Cardinals-part 2 9 February 2002

It's been a month since my column concerning KMOX as the voice of the Cardinals.

On this occasion, my afternoon interest was captured by KMOX's "Newsmakers" with radio personality and respected journalist Charles Jaco.

During this particular 5 minute sampling of "Newsmakers," Jaco was inviting listeners to call in and give their opinion on the Cardinals' stadium plans. He did this because of the recent reports that the Missouri legislature appears to be more friendly to the idea.

I don't mind listening to what other people think about the issues that are important to them. That is what makes the United States the best nation in the world. In fact, I watch C-SPAN.

But there is a world of difference between KMOX and C-SPAN.

During this particular segment, Jaco invited comments from the listeners. Specifically, he asked that they give their reasons for supporting or opposing the plans. They delivered and he chided the callers on their opinions. After listening to one person question whether there would be an increase in people downtown and another wondered if there were studies supporting the increase in revenues for similar developments in other cities, I remember an important difference between KMOX and C-SPAN.

C-SPAN televises a wide variety of programs, for example, the House of Representative, the Senate, committees, books, journalists, and special reports.

At this particular time, KMOX has contracts for broadcasting professional baseball for the Cardinals and college basketball for Mizzou and SLU.

If you want hockey or football, turn the radio dial.

So one has to wonder how important the stadium deal is to KMOX.

KMOX: the voice of the Cardinals!

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