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KMOX: The Voice of the Cardinals-part 3 21 February 2002

Dateline: Feb 21, St. Louis, KMOX

"The Cardinals and City of St. Louis have struck a deal that involves the splitting of the profits, if the team is ever sold after the new stadium and ballpark village are built. Mayor Slay's chief of staff Jeff Rainford says the City, County, and State would split 10-to-15 percent of the profits were the Cardinals to be sold. Rainford says there is no deal like this with any other sports franchise in the country. Rainford thinks the agreement means the Cardinals are serious about staying in St. Louis. The State still has to give its seal of approval to the proposal."

Has KMOX reached patron saint status for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Let's see what McGraw Milhaven had to say.

"It's the best deal! A no brainer!"

Milhaven addressed a number of issues and I paraphrase them as follows and in no particular order:

I have resigned myself to drive to work without the radio on until the new stadium and ballpark village are complete.

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