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Cardinals Baseball: Required Summer Reading 4 June 2003

The St. Louis Cardinals have been spending a lot of time around the 0.500 mark during the first third of the season. There may be ways to improve their performance on the field. But I would recommend the following readings to them (and to Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa) before they try any fancy (and illegal) approaches.

Baseball: The Game and Beyond - The Batting Cage contains some useful physics about pitching and hitting.

Science of Baseball - Try the "Fastball Reaction Time" Shockwave test.

The Physics of Baseball - Pitching, catching and hitting.

Physics of a Home Run - An essay by Scott Teresi.

The Physics of Baseball - Many links to science-related features associated with the game and equipment.

Baseball Home Run Simulator - Test your predictions.

The Physics of Baseball (3rd edition) - Written by Yale University Physics Professor Robert K. Adair.


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