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Quick Take #1: Summer Camps 6 July 1999

Quin Snyder will make $70,000 running basketball camps during his first two years as University of Missouri's new basketball coach.

Norm Stewart retired as a 32-year veteran of Missouri basketball. He will make $100,000 as a result of giving up his rights to running summer basketball camps.

That's $170,000 tied up in the basketball camp programs at Missouri's very public flagship university.

Quin Snyder will make $60,000 each year promoting the University of Missouri.

Norm Stewart will be a special consultant to the university, drawing a nice fee, which he will receive in advance.

That's another $200,000+ investment by the people of Missouri in matters related to promotion and consulting.

Snyder's total compensation (pay) package is around $500,000 per year; Stewart's total retirement package is around $1,000,000. Some of this money comes from the Athletic Department, some from the Chancellor's office.

Nothing associated with college athletics is done small scale, save the entrance requirements.


Quick Take #2: A League of Their Own 6 July 1999

I received the June 1999 issue (Volume 12, Number 4) of The Alumni Spectator, Stuyvesant High School's Alumni Association Newsletter.

I graduated from Stuyvesant H.S. in June 1975.

In the Sports Roundup section appeared some information concerning the boys' basketball team, the Running Rebels. (When I attended Stuy, our team nickname was the Peg legs [origin: recall that Peter Stuyvesant had one artificial leg during the early days of our country's history]). Seems that our modern-day team had posted a 12-2 league record, which earned them the Manhattan Division III-B crown. Their season ended in the third round of the playoffs when they were defeated by Central Park, 63-40.

Manhattan Division III-B crown. Wow. What does that mean?

Also appearing in the newsletter on the back page, last paragraph, was the 1999 School Report Card, which covered the 1997-98 school year. The New York State Department of Education publishes this information, probably as part of the need to demonstrate the quality of its public schools.

The average SAT (a national test) score of a Stuyvesant H.S. student was 1396 (684 verbal, 712 math). In addition, 98% of Stuyvesant students receive a Regents diploma (defined by state-wide exams in each discipline appearing in the 4-year curriculum).

SAT scores and Regents diplomas. Wow. What does that mean?

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