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Take Five 9 September 2002

I wonder how many people would enjoy the trip along Interstate 64/40 over the Poplar Street Bridge to the Metro East on a Friday early evening to watch the Cardinals in their new stadium.

Considering that the Cardinals are slated to pay a cool $8 million to MLB under the newly approved revenue sharing plan, would it be far easier for the City of St. Louis to simply forward the tax rebate that the Cardinals are asking for from the City directly to MLB headquarters?

What constitutes a "retro" look on the Metro East side?

I enjoy listening to Tom Ackerman. With more experience and some polish, he could become a very good radio figure. So my question is: Is the St. Louis sports market so small that there is insufficient new talent to develop for KMOX's "Sports Open Line?"

Has anyone compared the average age of Cardinals players who have left the team before the end of a season with that of players that have played the entire season?


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