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Urban Planning November 1997

Do you know that more people visit zoos in the United States than attend baseball, football and hockey matches total?

Considering that major league baseball is still in a long recovery phase of the strike-shortened season from several years back, football teams have been packing up their belongings and moving to new areas in search of that bigger and better deal, and hockey is getting expensive, at least in the Kiel Center, is it time to take some action?

Solutions are obvious.

Proposal FP1: Move our local sports teams to Forest Park, creating a St. Louis City-County Sports Zone. We simply construct an interconnecting network of buildings that facilitate the movement of people from the zoo to the Cardinals, from the Science Center to the Rams, from the Art Museum to the Blues and all other combinations.

Proposal DT1: Tear down the downtown area and construct a free ranging zoo in the vacated space. Note the advantage to river boat gambling and access to Gateway National Park, Union Station, the old Courthouse, to name a few sites.

Please select your option (either FP1 or DT1) and respond by 31 December 1997. The results of this nonscientific survey will be posted in early January 1998 and will be forwarded to Mayor Harmon.

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